ARTOURAGE is an art enterprise with a social mission.

We are dedicated to building relationships and understanding between artists and others in the art community, and to working with artists to find new routes to market for their creations.

We want to empower young and less known artists by encouraging them to think differently about the art market, and giving them tools to shape their careers as artists.

ARTOURAGE provides a platform and guidance to emerging artists, allowing them to define their own vision and how they want to build themselves as artists.

To achieve this, ARTOURAGE has developed a number of programmes:

For Artists

  • Art @ Residence
  • Artist in Residency
  • Salon de ARTOURAGE

For Galleries

  • Alternative Exhibition / Residential Space – We have 2 city centre residences which are open for art galleries to accommodate their artists during creation or exhibition periods. Small events, such as Art talks, can also be held in these venues. Both venues also have large outdoor areas. These are available at an exclusive rate upon application.

Talk to us

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