Cyrus No name

        About cyrusNONAME

Exhibitions & Events
2017 May
悅色青黃 — 中國當代青年藝術家赴芝加哥邀請展
有潤美術館 南京
2016 October
大河灣美術館 北京
2015 September
Psychedelic Highway Solo Exhibition Hong Kong
2015 March
Not One. Not the Other Jointed Exhibition Hong Kong
2014 January
Art Spring Group Exhibition Hong Kong
2013 November
Human Farm Solo Exhibition London
2013 September
Yellowism Group Exhibition London
2016 第二屆獨立品格提名展提名獎
Born in Hong Kong at the end of the colonial era. A witness to the city’s apocalypse and void of identity. An artist who named himself to be nameless: “cyrusNONAME”.
Graduate in graphic design from Caritas Bianchi College of Careers.
Professional art director in advertising /graphic design of several years. Yet the void permeates through the days – only in art can the fugitive find his asylum.
cyrusNONAME studied at Central St. Martin and lived in London, where he participated in many art activities and joint-exhibitions. His first solo exhibition, Human Farm, was held at Cueb Gallery. Since returning to Hong Kong he has continued to make art and curate exhibitions.

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